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Get Illinois SR-22 Insurance In three easy steps


The Illinois Secretary of State’s office will notify you if you need an SR-22. Contact an auto insurance company to get your SR-22 insurance quotes.

Be aware that not all auto insurance companies provide SR-22 insurance, so you’ll need to find one that does.

American Auto Insurance provides cheap SR-22 insurance in Chicago and throughout Illinois.


Once you’ve secured a policy, your insurance company will file an SR-22 form with the Illinois Secretary of State office.

The SR-22 form can be filed as a paper document or electronically. 

At American Auto Insurance, we use electronic filing to ensure your SR-22 is done quickly and easily.

Illinois SR 22 insurance fast


After the form has been filed and processed, the state of Illinois will notify you.

You will have your driver’s license and vehicle registration (if applicable) reinstated.

What is SR-22?

SR-22 insurance is a state-ordered certificate of financial responsibility mandated for certain drivers. 

This certificate serves as proof that your auto insurance policy satisfies the minimum requirements from the state. An insurance company has to file the form on behalf of the driver. 


Do I Need an SR-22?

Not everyone needs SR-22 insurance. It's only required for people whom the State of Illinois regards as "high-risk drivers."

The state will inform you directly if you are obligated to carry SR-22 Illinois car insurance. In some cases, purchasing SR-22 insurance may be necessary to reinstate your driver's license.

Regardless of your driving history, American Auto Insurance will assist you in every step of the process. Our team will file SR-22 directly with the Illinois Secretary of State and provide instant proof to get you back on the road.

You can count on American Auto Insurance to exceed your expectations with our unbeatable rates and the best customer experience in the industry.

How Do You Get an SR-22?

According to information on the Secretary of State’s website, “To obtain an SR-22, you must contact an insurance company authorized to write SR-22 policies for Illinois.”

In other words, SR-22 insurance cannot be acquired from the government.

You must connect with a private auto insurance company like American Auto Insurance who can submit a “Financial Responsibility Certificate” on your behalf.

How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost?

The cost of SR-22 insurance may vary depending on a number of factors, such as your age, location, and driving history. Since an SR-22 is intended for high-risk drivers, SR-22 insurance is not always offered by large auto insurance companies. 

If you live in Illinois, you can get a free, no hassle quote on cheap SR22 auto insurance online or by calling our friendly team at 773-286-3500.

Get Back on the road Regardless of Your Driving History

Illinois SR-22 Insurance with Instant Proof!

At American Auto Insurance, we believe that everyone is entitled to low-cost auto insurance regardless of their driving record. We specialize in helping drivers obtain SR-22 insurance. Our company not only offers the affordable SR-22 insurance, but we also have an easy application process with no credit check required.

American Auto Insurance's online application form takes only a few minutes. When you work with American Auto Insurance, you'll receive instant proof of SR-22 insurance coverage the very same day. Get an instant SR-22 insurance quote and get back on the road.

How Do I Get My SR-22 Removed?

An SR-22 doesn't automatically disappear from your auto insurance policy even if you don't need it anymore. So, you'll have to contact your insurer if you want to remove it.

If there was an increase in your insurance cost when you got your SR-22, canceling it may reduce your premium. Note that you need to notify the DMV if your insurance policy is canceled or lapses while carrying an SR-22, as failure to do so can lead to a license suspension.

How Much Will an SR-22 Increase the Cost of My Insurance?

Your auto insurance cost will most likely go up if you have an SR-22. This is because many insurers will regard you as a high-risk driver.

However, the amount of increase depends on your vehicle, insurance history, driving record, ZIP code, and other factors.

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How to Get an SR-22 with American Auto Insurance

To obtain SR-22 insurance with American Auto Insurance, you can contact either our headquarters or one of our agents located throughout the state of Illinois. Alternatively, you may fill out our simple online form to get a quote and submit your request. Our company uses electronic filing to enable you to complete your SR-22 application quickly and easily. You don't need to worry about the complicated paperwork as we'll get it done on your behalf. Once your SR-22 is processed, we'll inform you and assist you with reinstating your driver's license and car registration if applicable.

At American Auto Insurance, we strive to provide you with an SR-22 in a fast and hassle-free manner so that you can start driving again as soon as possible. For over 30 years, we've been the preferred SR-22 provider for numerous Illinois drivers with imperfect driving records. This is because we offer the cheapest SR-22 insurance in Chicagoland. Additionally, we have a team of devoted professionals who have the necessary expertise and experience to help you find the right insurance policy to fulfill your SR-22 requirements.

If you're looking for cheap SR-22 insurance in Illinois, look no further than American Auto Insurance. Besides being one of the cheapest SR-22 providers in the Chicago area, our company goes the extra mile to provide you with a quick and hassle-free insurance application process.

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What If I Need an SR-22 and Don't Have a Car?

Even if you don't own a vehicle, we're able to write you a policy with an SR-22. All you need to do is give us a call, and we'll guide you through the process.

In addition to SR-22 insurance, you'll also need a Named Non-Owner Coverage Endorsement to ensure you carry the required auto liability coverage. Here is a post explaining non-owner insurance.

What If I Need SR-22 insurance and I don't live in Illinois?

American Auto Insurance helps Illinois drivers get SR-22 insurance. If you live outside of Illinois, you'll need to find an auto insurance provider in your state.

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How Do I Know When My SR-22 Is Up?

Usually, an SR-22 insurance policy lasts for three years. If you are a current American Auto Insurance customer, contact our friendly sales team and we'll be happy to let you know when your SR-22 is set to expire.

Contact us today regarding any questions you may have about SR-22 compliance or full coverage auto insurance.


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