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Get a quick, personalized car insurance low cost quote today from American Auto Insurance in Illinois. American Auto Insurance offers extensive coverage options that may be available to give you peace of mind when you’re on the road. Customize your policy to get the coverage that fits your life. We offer affordable car insurance for all Illinois drivers. CALL NOW for more information.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Illinois

Driving without insurance in Illinois is illegal and can result in multiple legal consequences, including:

  • A $500 minimum fine.
  • Suspended license plates for up to four months.
  • Suspended registration, which can lead to an additional $1,000 fine.

Every driver in Illinois must have proof of insurance on their person every time they drive. If you are stopped for a traffic violation or involved in an accident, and you cannot produce evidence of your auto insurance, a law enforcement officer may issue you a citation. These citations can carry hefty financial penalties and lead to a court suspending your license plates. Secure your local car insurance from American Auto Insurance.

state’s car insurance requirements

Every driver in Illinois must have insurance before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. In addition, your insurance policy must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person.
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident.
  • $20,000 property damage liability per accident.
  • $25,000 uninsured motorist coverage per person.
  • $50,000 uninsured motorist coverage per accident.

Types of Auto Insurance

The main form of auto insurance is liability insurance. But multiple other forms of supplementary car insurance provide more comprehensive coverage. These different types of insurance include:

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Auto Insurance & SR-22

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Why Choose American Auto Insurance?

If you're a driver and vehicle owner, having the right auto insurance can make the difference between a serious issue and something you can quickly put behind you. Getting a personalized insurance quote from American Auto Insurance is quick and easy, and you'll also be getting the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you're protected. These are some common questions motorists may have about getting an insurance quote through American Auto Insurance and auto insurance in general.

Getting proper insurance for your vehicle isn't just useful for your financial safety — it's required by law in Illinois. If you choose American Auto Insurance, we will do our best to provide you with the lowest rates around, starting at $14 per month. We offer high-quality services for low prices, as certified by the fact that Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating for over three decades. Our policies include 24/7 roadside assistance throughout the state, and we're proud to help all drivers get insurance, including those with suspended and international licenses.

What Information Do I Need to Get a Quote?

You can get a quick, personalized car insurance quote from American Auto Insurance in Illinois. We'll need some basic information about you and your vehicle to give you an accurate quote. The exact information required for getting a quick quote is as follows:

  • Personal information: You'll need to provide us with relevant personal information, like your name, full address, date of birth, driver's license number, and social security number. This information helps us confirm your age and identity and analyze your driving history.
  • Vehicle information: We need to know your car's make and model and the year it was produced. You'll likely get a more accurate quote if you also give us its VIN and mileage, which helps us estimate its current value and safety rating.

What Is SR-22 Insurance and How Can I Get It?

An SR-22 or a financial responsibility filing is an insurance document that the local Department of Motor Vehicles requires for drivers deemed to present a higher-than-average risk. It's an addition to a personal automobile liability insurance policy, and the drivers who need it have committed serious traffic-related offenses. It's required for up to three years after a conviction for issues such as driving without insurance or a valid license and up to five years for driving under the influence.

If you require an SR-22 in Illinois, you will be notified by the Secretary of State's office. Not all auto insurance companies provide one, but American Auto Insurance can help you get it. After getting an auto insurance policy with us, we'll file an SR-22 electronic form on your behalf and notify the Illinois Secretary of State. Once they receive the document, they'll contact you and reinstate your driver's license and vehicle registration if they were previously revoked.

What Does Auto Insurance Usually Cover?

The exact details of your car insurance policy depend on its nature and your preferences. Some common auto insurance coverages are:


The most important aspect of auto insurance is arguably its liability coverage. If you get into an accident that was your fault, your insurance provider will cover any financial liabilities, including repairs to other cars and properties, medical costs for anyone hurt in the accident, and various legal expenses. The main reason why people usually get auto insurance is to offer them the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're covered in case anything goes wrong.


Besides covering you financially in case of an at-fault accident, you can also choose collision insurance and have the insurance company fix your car after an accident. If you hit another vehicle or an object while driving, American Auto Insurance will cover a significant part of the damages done to your vehicle. Since car repair costs can be costly, this can give you additional peace of mind.

Comprehensive Insurance

This insurance option covers any damages to your vehicle when it's not on the road. This refers to situations like a tree or another heavy object falling on it, vandalism or theft, natural weather phenomena, damage caused by various animals, and other similar situations. If you live in an area where you think this may happen, getting comprehensive insurance can save you a lot of money on repairs.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Unfortunately, not all drivers on the road have proper car insurance, with some not having any insurance at all. If you get into an accident with such a driver, you may find it challenging to get them to reimburse you for the damages they caused. If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, American Auto Insurance will cover all damages they caused, such as vehicle damage and injuries.

How Can I Lower My Auto Insurance Payments?

Here at American Auto Insurance, we incentivize drivers to drive safely by offering insurance premium reductions to incident-free drivers. Another effective way to lower your insurance payments if you consider yourself a safe driver is to choose higher deductibles when signing your insurance policy. This means that if you cause an accident, you would be paying more out of pocket. A good way to decide on an appropriate deductible is to determine how much money you can afford to pay in case of an accident without it affecting your livelihood.

Learning about auto insurance can help you understand what type of coverage you need and get the best policy for your particular situation. If you live in Illinois, consider getting a quote from us at American Auto Insurance. Besides helping you get on the good side of the law, we also provide you with flexibility and help you get an auto insurance policy that fits you. Get a free quote in only a few minutes or speak to one of our agents about how we can help you stay safe on the road.