If you live in Rockford or are just passing by, there are plenty of things to do in this lovely, bustling city. You can choose to visit the several historical sites and cultural parks that dot the Forest City. Alternatively, you can decide to walk about and sample the culinary delights served in the top restaurants that line up the streets of Rockford. We at American Auto Insurance have compiled a list of the 10 best restaurants in Rockford, IL. Could you take a glimpse at them and let us know what you think of our choices?

Abreo Rockford

Situated on 515 East State St. is this establishment owned by the legendary chef Paul Sletten. Abreo serves great food and drinks in a breathtaking atmosphere comprising a private diner’s section, a heated outdoor patio area, and a private wine cellar. Serving both original and seasonal foods, Abreo’s top dishes include butternut squash ravioli, Alaskan halibut, and beef tenderloin. There is also an assortment of drinks including cocktails, wines, spirits, and beers. If you are too tired or late to sit in, Abreo offers takeout and delivery services.

Stockholm Inn

a busy restaurant filled with patrons and paintings
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Sample the best of Sweden and Scandinavia without leaving Rockford by checking in at the Stockholm Inn restaurant. For close to five decades, this restaurant on 2420 Charles St. has been an enduring fixture of Rockford culinary experience. Sample the world-famous Swedish pancakes, Belgium waffles, meatballs, chicken sandwiches, assorted seafood, and a host of traditional European delights. Stockholm Inn is famous for its king-size breakfast dishes, friendly staff, and homely ambience.

Franchesco’s Ristorante

Established in 1986 by the Salamone family, Franchesco’s restaurant is the signature Italian and Sicilian diners’ experience in Rockford. Located on 7127 Spring Creek Road, this restaurant serves delightful Italian pasta, strip steaks, and pizza. Franchesco’s restaurant also prides in deliciously prepared seafood such as shrimps, oysters, lobsters, and calamari. The beverage menu comprises dark roast Italian coffee, assorted beer, and wine. Dine at Franchesco’s as you get soothed by smooth music playing in the background. They also offer delivery services to their clients.

Octane Interlounge

Octave Interlounge opened its doors in 1997 and has never looked back since then, earning a reputation for innovative cuisine in Rockford. In 2014, Octane won an award for the most unique menu. Its burgers are delectable, and have been shortlisted as among the best in Rockford. There is more to Octane Interlounge than just burgers. Indulge in the flank steak served with sweet corn, herb sauce, and seasoned potatoes. This restaurant sources its ingredients from local producers, and by eating at Octane, you will do your part in supporting local Rockford businesses.

Social Urban Bar and Restaurant

Simply referred to as Social, this restaurant’s food philosophy is simple; a creative menu that reflects the seasons and is inspired by the local producers. Socials’ farm-to-table philosophy ensures you always get fresh servings every time. Sample the sumptuous Thai mushrooms, the fried Brussels sprouts, or the pork tacos accompanied by guacamole and butterkase cheese. Don’t leave the Social without checking the drinks’ menu, which is made specially for you by the restaurant’s mix masters and consists of carefully chosen craft beers and wines.

Also, if you have always been mesmerized by the Absinthe phenomenon, you have one more reason to visit Social Urban Bar and Restaurant and get to know more about this folklore.

Marc’s Fusion Cafe

Marc’s Fusion Cafe is one of Rockford’s popular Sushi restaurants. The menu comprises land and sea dishes prepared with a noticeable Asian twist. Popular dishes at Marc’s Fusion include the cilantro salad, pork chops, cherry tomato, and the fajita sushi. Despite its small size, the atmosphere is inviting, making it popular with new and repeat diners.


Situated on 5611 East State Str., Lino’s is yet another Italian-themed restaurant in Rockford. Lino’s offers dine-in and events catering services in and around Rockford. Lately, they have also introduced curbside services to cater to diners on the move. Lino’s food menu comprises pizza, toasted ravioli, gnocchi, tortellini, and an assortment of seafood, prepared with a majestic Italian touch. The wine selection is equally exciting, and you can have a glass of it with every meal. The jazz music in the background completes an amazing Lino’s ambience.

Tavern on Clark

If you want some of the best steaks in Rockford, Tavern on Clark restaurant and bar is worth your time. Voted as the best steakhouse in Rockford on TripAdvisor, the Tavern provides a distinctive private dining experience. If you love the outdoors, the patio at the Tavern is just as exciting. The menu here is diverse; from seared scallops, blackened salmon, and chicken marsala, there is something for everyone. The drinks stable is equally tantalizing with over 60 craft beers, 30 bourbons, an array of cocktails, spirits, and wine. Did we mention the staff at the Tavern are super friendly?

Johnny Pamcakes

If you want a breakfast on a budget, Johnny Pamcakes on 3700 East State St. is your go-to restaurant. Open at 7 a.m. daily, Johnny Pamcakes serves a special treat every day of the week such as corned beef and cabbage on Thursdays, oreo cake on Fridays, and beef tips with noodles on Saturdays. Daily specials include charbroiled butterfly pork chop and barbecue pulled pork sandwich, with most meals priced at a maximum of $13.19. The restaurant has another location on 7125 Harrison Ave B. In both locations, expect the same family touch, courteous staff, and fresh ingredients.

The Norwegian

Situated on 1402 N Main St., The Norwegian serves Scandinavian and local delights for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Delight in Swedish cinnamon knot, the reindeer feed of walnut, and cherry muesli with almond yogurt. Indulge in pyttipane made of fried sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and tofu tossed in maple cashew sauce. There is a broad selection of drinks ranging from the Norwegian bloody, mimosa flight, and bottomless menu of non-alcoholic drinks. Enjoy live jazz music every last Sunday from The Joel Baer Jazz Trio band.

So there you have it! The best restaurants to wine and dine in Rockford, IL. What do you think of our list? Did we leave out a hidden gem of a restaurant? If we did, contact us on our website, and we will include it in our upcoming listings.


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