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Whether you’re in Champaign, Urbana, or the surrounding communities of Illinois, you need an insurance provider that will provide you with the dependable insurance coverage that you deserve. As a Chicago-based company, we know the unique needs of Champaign and Urbana drivers. We understand the weather, driving habits, and the roads. We also understand our customers and work hard to give them what they need — affordable and trustworthy insurance.

Champaign-Urbana Auto Insurance

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With so many exciting attractions in the Champaign and Urbana area, chances are you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. Whether you’re visiting the Krannert Art Museum or taking the kids for a fun day of exploration at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, you can rest easy knowing that you’re well-protected with your American Auto Insurance policy.

If you have a college student at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, you can ensure that you will both feel confident with the protection offered through American Auto Insurance. Whether you and the family are headed out on an adventure to Crystal Lake Park or Chicago, we will be there for you. We have been insuring residential and commercial customers in Illinois for over 30 years.

Cheap Car Insurance in Champaign

Car insurance should be there to protect you, not nickel and dime you. With rates that start at just $14 per month, you can protect yourself without spending a fortune. Also, although our rates are more affordable than compared with other Illinois insurance companies, that doesn’t mean that we skimp on coverage. We offer other benefits to our insurance members, like 24/7 roadside assistance with each policy.

Insuring ALL Drivers in the Champaign-Urbana Area

American Auto Insurance understands the importance of having car insurance regardless of your driving history. We will work with all types of driving situations, including suspended licenses, drivers with international licenses, drivers with lapses in previous coverage, and even drivers with less than perfect records. Every driver’s needs are different and that’s why we look at each customer independently. Even if you have been turned down by other insurance agencies, we invite you to chat with one of our friendly agents. We will work hard to get you covered.

Cheap Car Insurance in Urbana

We also make it easier than ever to keep up with your car insurance payments. Not only do we provide comprehensive insurance coverage to all of Illinois, but we have numerous payment centers located around the state. You can also easily set up auto payments or make your payment from our convenient website. We accept all major credit cards and with our already affordable rates, paying your premium has never been easier.

SR-22 Insurance in Champaign-Urbana

We work to meet the needs of all of our customers, including getting you your SR-22 form. The state of Illinois requires all drivers to have a minimum level of insurance coverage and SR-22 proves that you have that. Our live agents will get you proof of SR-22 insurance quickly. That means that you can submit your proof and get back on the road in no time.

American Auto Insurance also offers low-cost SR-22 insurance. We never take advantage of the fast insurance needs of our customers. We want to make the process as easy as possible — we’ll even electronically file the document with the State of Illinois for you.

What Sets Us Apart From Your Other Insurance Options

At American Auto Insurance, we know that you have a lot of insurance options in the Champagne-Urbana area, and that’s why we work hard to gain your trust. Not only do we make it easy to get a quote that meets your individual insurance needs, but we also have some of the most affordable rates in the area. We believe that your insurance provider should offer you much more than a bill each month. At American Auto Insurance, we treat our customers right with extras like 24/7 roadside assistance. We also won’t affect your credit score.

We have an A+ rating with the Illinois Better Business Bureau. Our agents are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to help with all your insurance questions and needs. We know how confusing the insurance regulations can get and with ever-changing laws, our goal is to help our customers understand not only their needs, but also their coverages. We are also a leader in SR-22 coverage in the state of Illinois. We truly understand how important your ability to drive is when living in the busy Champaign-Urbana area. Whether you commute into the office or you have to drop the kids off at school every morning, we’ll do our part to keep you on the road.

Insurance FAQ

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility. It is a form that proves to the state that you carry the minimum required amount of insurance in Illinois.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for Car Insurance?

There are many things that go into a car insurance quote. Just a few of these factors include your location, credit score, the vehicle that you drive, and your driving record. Fortunately, American Auto Insurance understands that some of these factors are not always controllable and we work hard to get you an affordable rate, despite any past problems with your credit or driving record. You can also easily request a quote in minutes.

What Insurance Is Required in the State of Illinois?

Currently, Illinois requires drivers to have vehicle liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $25,000. One of our helpful representatives will be happy to help you evaluate Illinois regulations.

How Can I Save Even More Money on My Car Insurance?

We offer Good Driver and Prior Proof of Insurance Discounts. Just ask one of our representatives about our current specials available.

Reach out to one of our friendly agents today to discuss your insurance requirements — we will provide you with an affordable quote that gives you the individualized coverage you need.

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Bodily injury liability insurance covers people, not vehicles. It protects you if you injure or kill someone while operating your car.

Property damage liability insurance protects you if your car damages someone else’s property. It also provides you with a legal defense if someone files a lawsuit against you.

This covers losses that aren’t the result of a collision. For example, comprehensive insurance covers damage to your car if it is stolen, damaged by flood or fire.

If you’re injured by an uninsured driver, you’re covered.


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