A license suspension may keep you off the road for some time, but it doesn’t mean you won’t drive again. An approved insurance company can help you file SR-22 insurance to continue driving despite a traffic infraction.

American Auto Insurance is an accredited insurer with the cheapest and most reliable services in Chicago and throughout Illinois. We specialize in all forms of auto insurance, including cheap SR22 auto insurance, liability-only coverage, comprehensive coverage, bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and uninsured motorist coverage. You can count on us for all your auto insurance needs and professional help filing an SR-22. Call our friendly team at 773-286-3500 to get a free insurance quote.

What Is SR-22 Insurance and How Does It Work in Illinois?

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SR-22 insurance is also known as an SR-22 bond or a certificate of financial responsibility. It’s a document or digital form that an insurance company files on your behalf certifying you have valid auto insurance that meets the state’s minimum liability requirements. You’ll often need the document if you commit an offense that leads to your license suspension or revocation. In Illinois, you may file the certificate for the following reasons:

  • Driving without a valid driver’s license.
  • Accumulating points on your driving record.
  • Being charged with reckless driving.
  • Driving under the influence or driving while impaired.
  • Having multiple traffic offenses.
  • Driving without insurance coverage.
  • Letting the insurance lapse on an existing SR-22 policy.
  • Evading tollway charges.

Top Reasons To Choose American Auto Insurance

Filing an SR-22 certificate begins by finding a professional insurance provider. You need a company that walks with you through every step for a stress-free experience. There are some top reasons why you should choose American Auto Insurance for your SR-22 insurance needs.

Affordable Insurance Rates

We offer the cheapest auto insurance and SR-22 rates in Illinois. Starting at $14 monthly, you can get reliable auto insurance that meets your coverage needs. Speak to our agents today to kick-start your journey toward affordable insurance.

Top-Rated Insurance Provider

We’re a top-rated insurance service provider with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. For 30 years, we’ve maintained a solid reputation for offering quality auto insurance in Illinois. Our clients can attest to our excellent service based on feedback from happy clients.

Instant Proof of Insurance Without Credit Barriers

Do you need instant proof of insurance following a traffic violation? We understand that you need to get back on the road soon, so we offer instant proof of insurance upon request. We’ll honor your request without considering your credit ratings, license suspension, or whether you have an international driving license.

24/7 Customer Support

American Auto Insurance offers all-around customer support. Our friendly team is always on call to provide fast solutions when required. So, if you have an engine failure or a flat tire and need roadside assistance, our team will arrive on-site to help you.

File an SR-22 Certificate in Four Easy Steps

American Auto Insurance specializes in SR-22 filing. We understand that a license suspension can cause inconvenience, so we make the filing process painless and simple. There are four easy steps to file your SR-22 insurance.

Contact an Agent

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office will notify you to file an SR-22 following a license suspension or revocation. Once you receive the notification, the first step is to contact an insurance agent for a specialized SR-22 quote. American Auto Insurance’s agents will provide a customized quote based on your coverage needs. However, your auto policy should meet the state minimum liability requirements to file proof of financial responsibility.

Pay the Filing Fee

We’ll charge a small fee to facilitate the filing process. Our prices are incredibly affordable and may range from $15-$50, depending on your coverage needs and traffic violation.

File Proof of Insurance

Once you pay the filing fee and buy minimum liability coverage, it’s time to file for proof of financial responsibility. We’ll file the form on your behalf at the office of the Illinois Secretary of State. At American Auto Insurance, we embrace electronic filing to ensure a fast delivery and turnaround time.

Receive a Confirmation

Processing the SR-22 may take up to 30 days in Illinois. If your application is successful, the office of the Secretary of State will notify you of your license and car registration reinstatement via email. You can then resume driving, provided your SR-22 remains active and valid.

How To Check the Status of Your SR-22 in Illinois

An SR-22 may be valid for three to five years, depending on the state laws and the severity of the traffic violation. The State Department may require you to maintain uninterrupted SR-22 coverage for up to three years in Illinois. Before then, you should know the status of your SR-22 Illinois car insurance to avoid an insurance lapse. There are two common ways to check the status of your SR-22 coverage.

Contact the Secretary of State’s Office

You can call the office of the Secretary of State in Illinois for accurate information about your SR-22 status. The license hotline to contact for inquiries is 217-782-3720. Be sure to provide your driver’s license and social security numbers to facilitate easy retrieval of your SR-22 status.

Contact an Accredited SR-22 Insurance Provider

 Another option is to contact an accredited insurance company that offers SR-22 filing services. American Auto Insurance is one such company accredited to offer SR-22 filing. Simply provide a picture of your driver’s license and let our agents contact the office of the Secretary of State on your behalf. We’ll help you know when your SR-22 coverage will expire, the grace period for insurance lapses (if any), and your driver’s license status.

Are You Looking For the Best SR-22 Rates in Illinois?

If you experience a license revocation for a traffic offense in Illinois, don’t fret because you can file an SR-22 certificate and resume driving. At American Auto Insurance, we boast low-cost insurance products and affordable SR-22 insurance rates. If you need assistance with auto insurance or cheap SR22 car insurance in Chicago or throughout Illinois, don’t hesitate to contact us or call our friendly team at 773-286-3500. We’ll be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions you might have.

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