Ah, the enchantment of fall in the Windy City! As the skyscrapers of Chicago stand tall against the backdrop of auburn and gold, it’s a clear invitation to venture out and embrace the season’s palette. While the city is mesmerizing during autumn, the surrounding areas elevate the fall experience to an entirely different level. Let’s take a stroll through five captivating destinations near Chicago, where the hues of fall come alive and whisper stories of nature.

A fall scene with colored leaves in Chicago, IL

Morton Arboretum


Nestled in the heart of Lisle, the Morton Arboretum is a canvas of vibrant fall colors, stretching across its 1,700 acres. As the trees switch their summer cloaks for golden, crimson, and tangerine tones, the arboretum offers scenic drives and walks that let you immerse in this natural spectacle. The seasonal festivals and family-friendly activities make it an unmissable spot to soak in autumn’s glory.

Chicago Botanic Garden


Spanning 385 acres and home to 27 gardens, the Chicago Botanic Garden is a living postcard during fall. The Japanese Garden, in particular, showcases a mesmerizing transition, with maples turning brilliant shades of red and orange. Meandering paths lead visitors through explosions of color, and autumn-themed workshops and events add to the seasonal merriment.

LaBagh Woods


Situated on Chicago’s Northwest Side, LaBagh Woods offers a dense, forested escape that feels miles away from the city bustle. A sanctuary for migratory birds, this spot is perfect for those keen on birdwatching amidst a canopy of autumn leaves. As you hike or bike along the trails, the rustling leaves and the serene North Branch of the Chicago River paint a quintessential fall picture.

Galena Country, IL


A drive to Galena Country during fall is akin to stepping into a painting. The rolling hills adorned with patchwork farmlands transition into a tapestry of fall colors, making it a photographer’s dream. The historic town of Galena, with its charming boutiques and cozy cafes, offers a delightful backdrop for autumn events, wine tastings, and haunted tours that celebrate the season.

Edward L. Ryerson Conservation Area


Ryerson Conservation Area in Riverwoods is an oasis of serenity and beauty, especially in the fall. Boasting one of the most extensive woodlands in Lake County, the reserve is adorned with maples, oaks, and ash trees that set the landscape ablaze with fall colors. The serene trails, complete with wooden bridges crossing streams, are ideal for reflective walks or capturing the season through the lens.

The Final Brushstroke

Chicago and its neighboring locales are a testimony to nature’s grandeur, especially when the air turns crisp, and leaves dance to the tune of fall. It’s a symphony of colors, emotions, and experiences that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash


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